Sunday, November 11, 2012

I think I have just found my artistic side! :-)

Wow!!!!!  What a great day I had yesterday.! 
First I learned how to draw... well sort of, I learned the basics of Zentangle.  Some of it I really enjoyed, you know, the structured ones.  I am still having a hard time with the whimsical ones, but I am learning.

photo.JPG   photo.JPG
These are two zentangle frames I created.  Remember, the class was Zentangle for your crafts.  So I was practicing with my scrapbooking in mind.  I may just have to make some frames for the family for Christmas.  I have also been practicing a couple "real" zentangle patterns, and am totally  loving it.

Then I actually purchased 6 of the Spectrum Noir alcohol ink sets.  And, had a blast!  Many of you from Kansas City area would actually be so proud of me.  I think I mostly made it work.  Well at least, that is what Katie Butler tells me.  But wow, I really enjoyed it.  Here is my mouse:

It needs some work, and in fact, I did work a little more on the "ground", and it does look better now, but this is the first "artistic" thing I have ever done that I have been happy with.  Well, I just may be getting hooked, and I plan to purchase the rest, and I may even have to purchase some Copic markers.  Who knows where this will take  me!
NEXT, we are going to start mixing the two together.  I promise it will be a lot of fun.  As soon as we can get 12 people set up for a class here in Troy, at Speedy Scrappers, we will be able to get Katie back here to teach more.

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