Thursday, September 27, 2012

And we are off and running!

Running?  Did I say Running?  Well, for now, I believe I will be crawling!  At least for a short time.  Katie and I have been working on this for quite some time, and that in and of itself has been quite interesting as she lives in Kansas, and I live in Illinois.  By the way, those of you who have followed me from Christine's Corner will probably recognize the work of Katie Butler, she has been wonderful.

Also, if you look around in here, you will find that she is represented all throughout.  She has a new business up and running, and it will be great fun for everyone.  So keep an eye on Cedar Chest Designs.  It is a wonderful e-store.  Stop in and check her out:

Cedar Chest Designs is Katie's e-commerce store, but she is also teaching at scrapbook stores around the country!  She is teaching Copic Markers, scrapbooking, and lots of other things.  Watch for up coming events for Midnight Pixy Designs at her blog.   In fact, here is a link to her blog:
So, now that I have created my first blog post, I promise they will get better and better, I simply need a little bit of time.  After all, I am just learning how to do this stuff. I know, I have been playing with computers for all of my adult life, but this is a totally new program for me. However, I will get better and better everyday.
Start a party... craft with friends!

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